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What is good for women to be irritable during menopause?
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Grumpy in menopause is the main manifestation of psychological changes in menopause. Patients are often docile and less irritable when they are young. However, after entering menopause, their tempers have risen sharply, and they often become angry . We must know that women's menopausal irritability is not caused by diseases, but they still need to be actively adjusted. . Let's listen to Dr. Guo Lina 's advice from the Nutrition Department of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine .

Menopausal women are grumpy and eat iron- rich foods

Some women do not like meat and fresh vegetables, and they like sweets and cakes. This partial eating habit results in insufficient iron intake, which makes women emotionally irritable. Therefore, it is recommended that women should consume moderate amounts of iron-rich animal protein foods, such as lean beef , pork , lamb , chicken, duck, fish, and seafood. On the one hand, it can relieve the irritability of menopause in women, on the other hand, it can help the brain to increase attention and maintain an energetic state.

Menopausal women are irritable and eat more calcium- rich foods

Calcium has the effect of inhibiting the excitement of the nerves in the brain. When there is not enough calcium in the brain, it will be emotionally disturbed and prone to excitement . Consuming foods rich in calcium can make people's mood easier to maintain. At the same time, calcium can strengthen teeth and bones and prevent osteoporosis . The main sources of calcium foods are milk, bone soup, various beans and soy products. Special attention is paid to the fact that soy contains isoflavones, which are similar to estrogen . In addition to supplementing calcium, it can also make up for the deficiency of female estrogen. It is recommended that women drink 500 ml of soy milk or consume more than 100 grams of soy products every day , which has a good regulating effect on the endocrine system.

Menopausal women are grumpy and eat vitamin- rich foods

Studies have found that insufficient vitamin intake, especially vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 deficiency, is prone to excitement, headache , irritability, and irritability . Properly adding a certain amount of vitamins to the diet can help women's mental regulation. You can choose whole grain bread, cereals , tortillas and other cereals. Fruits and vegetables such as orange, apple , strawberry , spinach , lettuce, broccoli , cabbage and tomato contain A lot of vitamins.

The regulation of grumpy menopause in women should start from daily life. Through the method of diet adjustment, patients can be calmed down to the maximum extent and maintain a good mental state. The way to adjust your diet is simple and easy to stick to. If a woman has a hot temper during menopause, the patient only needs to incorporate beneficial foods into her daily diet. However, if the symptoms are severe, active treatment is required.

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