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What you need to know about menopause health care
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For menopause, many women are confused, how should they go for health care to be healthy and reasonable? In the face of many health care products, many people do not know how to choose. Today I will summarize some common menopause health tips for everyone, so that everyone can have a clear understanding of menopause health.

Menstruation and menopause are a barometer of women's health

Women pass through this life, and they will have menstruation after development, and menopause when they are old. When menstruation and menopause occur, it means that a woman's body has a problem, so menstruation and menopause are very important for women.

The ovaries are women's unique organs that secrete estrogen and progesterone to control menstruation. The ovary ovulates once a month, basically one at a time. If there are more rows, there may be twins. Menstruation is the periodic shedding of the membrane in the uterus .

Why menopause is related to the ovaries. The life of the ovary is not the same as the life of the body, it must be advanced. Why do you want to be ahead of time? There are many follicles in the ovaries . These follicles are available when the girl is in the mother's stomach, which is equivalent to a property that your mother gave you. There are only three or four hundred thousand left in one pregnancy. We arrange 10-12 in one year. The fertile period of menstruation is 30-40 years. Once in January, if your menstruation is normal in your life, also There are more than 400, and how many children can you have? Most of them can only have one child in China. As a result, most follicles are actually abolished, and they are almost gone until menopause. The follicles are gone, and the life of the ovaries is almost over.

When it comes to menopause, some people feel terrified. For example, repeated urinary tract infections , cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis , hot flashes, sweating, palpitations , chest tightness, etc., are mostly caused by estrogen deficiency.

Calcium and vitamin D are important

The second is health products, but be careful before using them. Doctors don't recommend health supplements easily, because taking health supplements to treat the body is fine, but it is not a cure. In addition, some supplements are secretly added. I can only question this, including soy isoflavones .

Soy isoflavones are not bad by themselves, but depending on where the soy comes from, and after eating soy, it will respond differently to different people, so it is not that it is effective for everyone.

Estrogen is not a pestilence poison but a necessity for life

Then there are medicines . A special kind of medicine for menopausal women is estrogen supplements. Is it possible to supplement hormones? Why use hormone supplements?

Just say the problem occurs because menopause, and these problems which are mostly caused due to hormone deficiency, so we use hormone therapy can slow or improve these problems. There are concerns about the dangers of hormone therapy. It may be that you do n’t know much. I can tell you that the International Menopause Society is the most authoritative and they think that hormone therapy is the most effective.

For osteoporosis , hormone therapy is a reasonable first-line treatment to prevent bone loss. Whether or not to use estrogen to resolve osteoporosis should be determined based on your specific situation. Clinically, everyone still has some concerns. Every time I open hormones, people say, will hormones make you fat? Will you grow cancer? Today I will analyze them one by one.

First of all, what is a hormone? A hormone is a substance secreted by our internal organs and is used to maintain the normal function of our body. It is necessary for life. We just said male hormone, estrogen is the hormone. Men do not androgen called men, women do not have no women on estrogen function. Many organs of the body need estrogen, not just reproductive, urinary tract. Why woman skin than men's fine, this is the comprehensive needs of estrogen in the maintenance woman. So I do not blindly reject hormone, which is not a poison, not a plague, it is essential to life, but it must have the appropriate amount.

Besides hormone will make people gain weight? Not all hormones are fat, responsible for the metabolism of hormones can make people gain weight, gain weight but not estrogen hormones.

Others say the hormone can not eat, can not stop eating, stop in danger. Estrogen is not the case, it does not produce dependence. We are dependent on food, but not supplements.

Others ask estrogen will not be long cancer? In fact, the hormone associated with cancer, there are two, one is uterine cancer, one is breast cancer. He said that eating hormone uterine cancer was not wrong, but that is the past, was found only estrogen without progestin, the president of endometrial cancer. Now estrogen plus progestin has been at the same time, this issue of endometrial cancer solved. The other is the relationship with breast cancer. The International Menopause Society announced that there is still controversy over the relationship between hormones and breast cancer. The International Menopause Society uses the term "cancer" instead of "carcinogenic". Meaning that the original is not carcinogenic and lead to cancer, while cancer-promoting is already had cancer but did not check out, use the zoom after it. Moreover, there are many breast cancer, hormone with cancer really are related to early, so do not be too nervous.

Such an analysis we can see that hormone therapy is not so terrible. Hormone therapy drugs are prescription drugs, the package insert says not to mess with you, not let you use, it can be used to regulate. Specifications used, this doctor will help you to grasp. Also to be reminded that early to use, as far as possible before the age of 60 use. In conclusion, menopause is not a disease, control-related problems in postmenopausal women can make the body more healthy, better life.

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