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Stay away from aging and do this
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Aging often makes us feel powerless, no matter how much energy we usually spend on skin care, it may not be effective. Have you ever thought that bad eating habits in life are likely to be the culprit of skin aging. The following 7 foods must be taboo , and there are some things that can delay aging!

First, you must avoid eating these.

Lead food

Lead can significantly reduce the levels of norepinephrine , dopamine, and serotonin in the brain , cause neurotic conduction block , cause memory loss, dementia , and mental retardation. Excessive lead exposure in the human body directly destroys the function of DNA , a genetic material in nerve cells , which not only makes people suffer from dementia, but also makes people's faces dark and prematurely aging .

2. Pickled food

When marinating fish, meat, vegetables and other foods, it is easy to convert the added table salt into sub-X salt. Under the catalysis of enzymes in the body, it is easy to interact with various substances in the body to generate imine carcinogens. People eat It is more susceptible to cancer and promotes premature aging.

3. Moldy food

When mildew occurs in grain, oil, peanuts, beans, meat, fish, etc., a large amount of bacteria and aflatoxin will be produced. Once these moldy substances are consumed by humans , symptoms such as diarrhea , vomiting , dizziness , dizziness , irritability, enteritis, hearing loss, and general weakness can occur. In other cases, they can cause cancer and teratogenesis, and promote premature aging.

4. Scale

Tea set or water set will produce scale after long use. If it is not cleaned in time, regular drinking will cause digestive, nervous, urinary, hematopoietic, circulatory and other system diseases and cause aging. This is because scale contains more harmful metals. Elements such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, etc. Scientists have performed chemical analysis on scales in thermos bottles that have been used for 98 days and found that there are many harmful metal elements: 0.034 mg of cadmium, 0.44 mg of mercury, 0.21 mg of arsenic, and 0.012 mg of aluminum. These harmful metal elements are extremely harmful to the human body.

5. Peroxylipid

Peroxylipid is a peroxide of unsaturated fatty acids . For example, edible oils such as fried fish, shrimp , and meat will produce peroxylipids after being left for a long time; dried fish and cured meats exposed to the sun for a long time; biscuits, cakes, oil tea noodles, oil, etc. that have been stored for a long time. In particular, it is easy to produce halal flavor fats, and fats and fats will produce peroxy lipids. Researchers have discovered that after peroxidized lipids enter the body, they can have a great disruptive effect on the acid system and vitamins in the body , and accelerate the promotion of aging.

6. High temperature oil fume

After comparative analysis, foreign research institutions have pointed out that Chinese people like to use high-temperature cooking oil to cook dishes, and that the stove temperature is about 50% higher than that of western families. Generally, edible oils emit fumes containing butadiene under the catalysis of high temperature, and long-term inhalation of this substance will not only change human genetic immune function, but also susceptible to lung cancer . Research reports indicate that rapeseed oil has a greater carcinogenic risk than peanut oil, because rapeseed oil at high temperatures releases 22 times more butadiene than peanut oil. In order to avoid this hazard, it is best not to heat the cooking oil above the boiling point of the oil when preparing the dishes, and it is better to use hot oil, so as to avoid causing smoke and fire damage to health and promote facial wrinkles.

7. Alcoholic drinks

Drinking a lot or often of alcohol in your life will cause alcohol poisoning in the liver and cause inflammation and enlargement, leading to male sperm deformity, sexual decline, impotence, etc. In women , premature aging such as irregular menstruation , cessation of ovulation, hyposexuality and even coldness .

Eat these wrinkles away from you

1.Omega3 fatty acids

It is extremely important for the health of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, improves cognitive abilities, and reduces the incidence of heart disease , stroke, and cancer. Its two most important ingredients are EPA and DHA . The main food sources are fish and walnuts. Generally, these two ingredients are abundant in large deep-sea fish.

How to eat: Unless you eat fish two or three times a week, it is best to supplement 1 g of EPA and DHA-containing nutrients every day. If you are vegetarian, change to a teaspoon of linseed oil and add 100 mg of DHA capsules made from seaweed .

2. Vitamin B family

This is the most practical of all anti-aging nutrients , and many people use it to improve mood, physical strength, attention, responsiveness, and memory. It is water-soluble and will be excreted with body fluids, so the human body is easily lacking. The main food sources are animal liver, yeast, wheat germ and rice bran.

How to eat: At least 1 to 5 times more RDA per day (recommended daily intake of nutrients).

3. Lipoic acid

It is called "universal antioxidant" and is widely used in the treatment and prevention of various diseases such as heart disease and diabetes . It is generally believed to be able to preserve and regenerate other antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, and to balance blood glucose levels. The main food sources are spinach and meat, but the content is very small.

How to eat: Recommended daily intake is 5 to 20 mg.

4. Ginseng

It can boost vitality, fight cancer, strengthen the immune system, and treat a variety of physiological disorders. Its root contains several soap-based ingredients, which have the function of preventing and treating heart disease and blood circulation diseases.

How to eat: Take ginseng extract, 100 to 200 mg each time, several times a week. If powdered formulations are used, the intake should be between 500 and 2000 mg to be effective. After three or four weeks of continuous service, the service should be stopped for a few weeks and then recirculated.

5. Ginkgo

The research on Ginkgo biloba extract is mainly from Europe, and it has been designated as a prescription drug in Europe . It can improve blood circulation, improve mental function, and prevent tumors.

Consumption method: It is recommended to take 120 mg of ginkgo biloba extract supplements daily, which can be taken in 3 times, usually only gradually effective after 1 month. If taken with ginseng, it is recommended to use them alternately, or take smaller doses at the same time.

6. Vitamin C

It has proven to be an extremely effective antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage, especially the brain and eyes . In addition, it can prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood , so it can effectively prevent heart disease. The main food sources are fruits and vegetables such as citrus and kiwi.

How to eat: The recommended daily intake is 200 to 500 mg. If other antioxidants such as lipoic acid or vitamin E are also added at the same time , the dosage of each nutrient should be reduced.

7. Vitamin E

It is a fat-soluble vitamin and has also proven to be an extremely effective antioxidant. It can protect the unsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane from free radicals, so it can reduce the incidence of heart disease and prevent arteriosclerosis .

How to eat: The recommended daily intake is 100 mg. Excessive intake can cause bleeding or fatigue.


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