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A non-negligible premarital medical examination
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"Marriage" is the inevitable result of a pair of lovers forever marrying Qin and Jin. In addition to the marriage registration, they often ignore the important content of the marriage check. They do not realize that the marriage check is an important link to the future family happiness.


Many people don't value marriage check

According to the newly promulgated "Regulations on the Administration of Registration of the Marriage Law", pre-marital medical examinations are no longer a necessary condition for marriage registration. In actual life, many people do not realize the important role of marital examinations, thinking that they are just walking through the court, and some are unwilling to spend time on marital examinations. Some are afraid of the marital examination process and do not want to expose privacy. Some women think that a unit medical examination or a subsequent pregnancy test can replace the marriage examination ... A survey result is worrying. The incidence and birth of sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases The incidence of defects tends to increase significantly. China is a country with a high incidence of hepatitis B. There are 120 million carriers of hepatitis B virus, accounting for 1/3 of the world. The transmission of hepatitis B mainly includes mother-to-child transmission and sexual contact. About 90% of the factors that cause birth defects in China every year are related to heredity, and pre-marital medical examination is an important and indispensable platform to avoid these adverse factors.


Marriage check is the first protective barrier for healthy marriage and eugenics

1. Pre-marital inspection is helpful to understand self-health and is responsible to both parties

Pass the marriage check to find out the hidden health hazards of both men and women, especially those that are not suitable or temporarily unsuitable for marriage and childbirth. If you suffer from acute infectious disease, mental illness, blood disease or severe heart, liver and kidney disease, you must cure or be physically able to get married. Often, there are many diseases that cannot be recognized or perceived by oneself or the other, such as the initial stage of AIDS, liver diseases, etc. At present, there are 1 million AIDS patients in China, and only 4% of them are registered. Marriage check is especially important for female friends who have the important mission of nurturing life. During the marriage check, some adverse factors affecting health can also be detected. For example, if the male foreskin is too long, it will cause genital infection on both sides. For a long time, men may get penile cancer, while women may suffer from gynecological inflammation, and even cervical cancer, infertility. In this case, doctors will make rational recommendations to help health.

2. Pre-marital inspection is conducive to the harmonious and happy life of marriage and is responsible for the marriage

Through the marriage check, defects and diseases of the reproductive organs can be found in time for correction and guidance. For example, for the male cryptorchidism, microtesticular disease, and female congenital absence of the uterus, "Stone Girl" will make corresponding corrections and guidance, so that both sides have enough Prepare for the future, properly decide the future, and avoid marriage dissatisfaction or even breakdown due to marital issues after marriage.


3. Pre-marital inspection is conducive to eugenics and is responsible to the family and children

Through the marriage check, you can find out whether you can get married, have children, and whether your child is at risk for genetic diseases. You can also get advice from a doctor to help prevent the birth of genetic diseases and defective children. Since with the provisions of the new "Marriage Registration Ordinance" pre-marital check the implementation of the voluntary principle, the number of premarital sharp decline, while the rate of birth defects than in previous years has increased, defects in children's issues have become increasingly prominent, it has become China's infant mortality, child and adult One of the leading causes of disability.

Through marriage check, men and women who want to marry can understand sexual ethics, psychology, sex physiology, sexual health, newly-married contraception, family planning, health care during pregnancy, basic knowledge of genetic diseases, etc., and improve self-care awareness. If marriage and childbirth were not performed in the past, marriage is still a limitation of the times. Today, if marriage and childbearing problems can be detected early through marriage inspection, it is foolish to not take the initiative to go to the marriage inspection service unit before marriage, let alone the government pays the bill. .

Before you got married, did you think about how to ensure the health of yourself, your family, and your offspring? "Pre-marital inspection" is the best protection umbrella. We can't let this umbrella close. Young friends who are getting married, for the health of you and the next generation, and the happiness of your family, don't forget to get on the boat before getting married. The family planning service center in the mountain area (33 Suizhou North Road, Chuanshan District) conducted a free premarital inspection.

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