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Why women's vaginitis is easy to repeat.
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Why is female vaginitis easy to repeat?
1. After treatment, some patients stopped taking the medicine because the symptoms of pruritus genitalia were alleviated or eliminated. As a result, the germs were suppressed and the disease had not been completely cured. When the vaginal pH value changed, vaginitis would recur.
2. Some couples are not receiving treatment at the same time. The woman passes the pathogen to her husband through sexual intercourse, making the husband a carrier. However, the male side has no obvious symptoms because the physiological structure is different from that of the female. Repeated "passing" of the germs between men and women through sexual life causes the woman's vaginitis to recur.
3. The human body itself is the carrier of certain fungi. If you usually do not pay attention to health habits, such as rubbing from the anus to the urethra when rubbing after stool, some bacteria may be brought into the vagina, causing recurrence.
4, often use antibiotics, repeatedly destroy the restrictive relationship between vaginal flora, leading to strong growth of fungi, such patients while taking antibiotics or after antibiotic treatment, it is meaningful to give antifungal drugs for prevention.
5. Do not pay attention to hygiene, such as washing underwear and socks at the same time, using non-standard sanitary napkins or toilet paper, sharing bath tubs with others, etc., causing cross-infection of bacteria and causing recurrence.

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