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Why pelvic inflammatory disease can cause infertility
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Pelvic inflammatory disease can spread from the inflammation of the external genitals, and can also be caused by inflammation of adjacent organs or the spread of infection in other parts of the body. The bacteria often enter the pelvic cavity during menstruation, abortion, childbirth, or through various surgical wounds of the genital tract to cause inflammation. Pelvic inflammatory disease is divided into acute and chronic. The former is acute and usually has obvious causes. If the treatment is timely, thorough and effective, it can often be cured. Acute inflammation can be changed to chronic when it is not completely treated, but it is more often due to the slow onset and mild illness that has not attracted attention, so the treatment is not timely and prolonged to chronic. This type of pelvic inflammation often causes women to be infertile.
Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease often manifests as bilateral salpingitis. Over time, the opening of the fallopian tube, especially the part that receives the egg (called the umbrella end), is partially or completely closed. It can also cause the inner mucosa of the fallopian tube to adhere to the inflammation due to inflammation. The cavity is narrowed or blocked. In this way, the passage of eggs, sperm or fertilized eggs is impeded, leading to infertility. Severe pelvic inflammatory disease can spread to the pelvic peritoneum, uterus, and tissues next to the cervix, eventually causing these organs to become hard and ineffective, especially the fallopian tubes that lose their soft and peristaltic physiological properties, become stiff and distorted, and the lumen is completely blocked. To the point of being incurable.
Why do I have pelvic inflammatory disease or salpingitis without having a child? This is partly due to the lack of attention to menstrual hygiene, labor or swimming in the paddy field during menstruation, and a small amount of bacteria invading continuously for a long time, which can cause chronic pelvic inflammatory disease over time; partly due to other diseases, more common are pelvic tuberculosis causing endometrium and fallopian tubes. Membrane tuberculosis and fallopian tube failure; a small part is due to disorder of sexual relations, sexually transmitted disease caused fallopian tube failure caused by fallopian tube failure; very few are long-term pre-marital vaginal inflammation such as trichomoniasis or fungal vaginitis, the pathogen can Ascending infection to the fallopian tube, causing inflammation of the fallopian tube. Therefore, girls should pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene of the vulva since childhood. After puberty, when lower abdominal pain or more obvious dysmenorrhea, abnormal menstruation, or abnormal vaginal vaginal discharge, they should go to the hospital for examination. Early mild salpingitis or pelvic inflammation Are all curable.
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