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Adolescent dysfunction should pay attention to life health
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Functional uterine bleeding during adolescence (referred to as adolescent dysfunction) is a special menstrual disorder in adolescence. In the period from menarche to 18 years old, due to the unstable ovarian function of some adolescent girls, the endocrine regulation is not well coordinated, which makes the menstrual cycle disordered, and there is a functional change in menstruation and increase in menstruation. The clinical feature is that the bleeding time is significantly prolonged after the onset of menstruation. Most cases last for about 10 days, and individual cases can even last for more than 50 days. Due to the particularly long bleeding time, combined with large and large amounts, it can cause patients with varying degrees of anemia. Data show that the average hemoglobin value of adolescent dysfunctional patients is only about 60 grams per liter, mostly mild to moderate anemia. Prolonged uterine bleeding and accompanying anemia will add infinite annoyance to adolescent girls and affect normal life and learning.
The prevention and treatment of adolescent dysfunction does not only rely on treatment methods such as drug hemostasis, adjustment of the menstrual cycle and correction of anemia, but also active daily conditioning. Only through the synergistic effect of drugs and life conditioning can we better alleviate the symptoms, reduce the bleeding time and the amount of bleeding, and achieve the expected prevention and treatment goals. Therefore, once the diagnosis is clear, in addition to the implementation of artificial cycle therapy and the necessary hemostatic measures under the guidance of a doctor, the following aspects should be taken to strengthen the life health care link.
1. Maintain a regular life rhythm, be relaxed and avoid overwork. Adolescent girls should learn to control themselves, do not go online and entertain all night, prevent endocrine disorders caused by irregular life and overwork, and promote the occurrence and development of adolescent dysfunction.
2. Pay attention to emotional regulation and avoid excessive tension and mental stimulation. Studies have shown that adolescent girls' emotional changes are often greater than other periods in their lives, and emotional fluctuations or mental stimulation are one of the important factors that induce adolescent dysfunction. Therefore, during this period, parents must not only pay attention to the girl's learning status and diet, but also pay attention to the girl's emotional changes, communicate with them more, understand the changes in her inner world, and help her release bad emotions to keep them relatively stable. To avoid emotional ups and downs.
3. Strengthen dietary regulation and increase foods rich in protein, iron and vitamins, such as meat, eggs, milk and fresh vegetables and fruits. A reasonable diet is not only good for improving the body's metabolism and physical fitness; it is also good for increasing the hemoglobin content and reducing the degree of anemia.
4. Pay attention to the addition and subtraction of clothes and bedding as the weather changes, to avoid excessive cold and overheating, which may cause prolonged menstrual periods and increased bleeding.

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