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Perinatal care
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A series of health care measures around the marriage to protect the health of both spouses and the next generation, including pre-marital medical examinations, pre-marital health guidance, and pre-marital health consultation. Pre-marital medical examination refers to the medical examination of both men and women who are about to get married and may have diseases that affect marriage and fertility. Pre-marital health guidance is the education and education of marriage and childbirth-related health knowledge for both men and women who are about to get married. Pre-marital health consultation is to answer the abnormal situation found in the medical examination and the specific questions raised by the client, exchange opinions and provide information to help the subject to make an appropriate decision based on the knowledge. The purpose of perimarital health care is to ensure healthy mating and avoid inappropriate mating and fertility among patients with genetic diseases of close relatives, which is conducive to the scientific selection of lifelong partners by both men and women, so that both parties can prepare both physically and mentally before marriage. It is conducive to preventing various diseases, especially the continuation of hereditary diseases, and laying a good foundation for reducing birth defects. It is one of the important guarantee measures to achieve people's enjoyment of health care and improve the health of the entire people. In order to better implement the "Mother and Infant Health Care Law" and reduce the incidence of birth defects, both men and women during the marriage checkup at the Maternity and Child Health Hospital in Chuanshan District have free medical examinations with the "Premarital Medical Health Checkup Card".

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