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Do you know about baby
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           Many inexperienced mothers are caught off guard in their daily lives due to their lack of experience. They do not know much about many newborn care considerations, which leads to the existence of various problems. Well, today we come to the baby's feces.

In our work, new fathers and new mothers often ask our baby's fetuses to finish in a few days.

First of all, the normal stool frequency of a newborn is that the feces begin to be excreted within ten hours after birth. It is dark green or dark green, thick, odorless, and a bit like paving asphalt. The fetus is composed of bile, intestinal secretions, exfoliated epithelial cells, and amniotic fluid and fetal hair swallowed by the child.
It usually finishes in two to three days, about 3 to 5 times a day . If fetal stool is not seen 24 hours after birth, you should suspect whether fecal obstruction caused by congenital malformation of the digestive tract should be diagnosed and treated in time.
Three to four days after birth, the fetus gradually transitions to ordinary baby feces. Small infants who eat milk as a staple food within four months usually have a normal stool that is pasty and uniform in consistency, much like a paste after fine sand and water, with a few particles like the size of pepper seeds.
Most children who use breast milk have a yellowish-yellow stool, which is occasionally thin and thick like water. It can be slightly greenish, sour, and odorless, and defecates two to four times a day. It may be more frequent at birth, four to five times a day, and even defecation after each feeding. This is because breast milk is easy to digest, facilitates excretion, and reflexive peristalsis after intestinal feeding.

After the child is born, the meconium will begin to be excreted from the body within 10 hours. It usually takes about two days to complete the defecation. About 5 defecations per day and the defecation of the newborn in about half a month About 3 times, but if the number of defecations increases and the child's mental state is not good, then it is necessary to consider whether the child has a problem with the gastrointestinal tract.
The second direct cause is bile. The secretion of bile will make the stool appear yellowish green, and the longer the stool is in the intestine, the longer the bacteria in the intestine act, the darker the color will be.
The third reason is the pH of the food. Acidic stools are yellow in color and alkaline in brown. Therefore, the color of stools of breast-fed babies is generally golden yellow, while those of milk-fed babies appear dark brown.
绿色 老话有传说:小孩子受到惊吓会有 “绿色的便便”,其实是很正常的。 There is a legend in the " green " saying: it is normal for a child to be "green poop" when he is frightened . Because the yellow pigment in stool is caused by bilirubin in bile, bilirubin will be green when oxidized, so green stools are also normal. And the baby's green poop also shows that the child's bile discharge is normal.

Many parents will think. Newborns are very small. Actually, nothing can be seen from the aspect of stool. In fact, the physical condition of newborns can be observed from the state and color of stool. So parents should not ignore these problems. Better protect children's health.
New dad and new moms, do you understand ^ _ ^

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