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Are you ready, dad? .
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My wife is pregnant. As a prospective father, you cannot express the joy in your heart. Are you prepared to face the change of role? The expectant mother bears a huge burden on her body and mind when she is pregnant. At this time, the care and care of the expectant father is very needed, and helping your wife to spend the pregnancy period happily and easily is your most important job. Do you know what the expectant father should do during pregnancy? Are you ready, dad?
1. Pay attention to your wife's changes. The pregnancy is divided into three periods: early, middle, and late. There are early pregnancy reactions, frequent urination, mid-term abdominal distension, hyperpigmentation, and body hair becoming heavier. In the later period, there are exacerbations of breathing, poor sleep, dreams, and breast leaks. , Mild myopia and other normal changes, we must pay attention to the changes of his wife, consult a doctor for more communication, such as lower abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, dizziness and headache are abnormal and should promptly seek medical treatment.
2. Sharing his wife ’s feelings. The expectant mother needs someone to be her listener to share her happiness and worry, and the prospective father is the best candidate. This can reduce the distance between the couple and cultivate a relationship of mutual trust and intimacy. feeling. Can't show impatience with his wife, and her mood will change easily in the later period. To make her feel comfortable and share her wife's feelings.
3. Accompany your wife to do the birth checkup Accompanying your wife to the hospital for the birth checkup, you can hear the fetal heartbeat is a wonderful experience, a feeling of peace of mind and happiness. If something is not optimistic, you can share it, discuss it, and make an appropriate decision immediately.
4. Accompany your wife to participate in pregnancy education and prenatal exercise Accompanying your wife to participate in pregnancy education can increase your knowledge of pregnancy and birth, such as understanding the growth of the fetus and the signs of labor, the production process, and you can do prenatal exercise and exercise with your wife Mez breathing method can make the production smoother and reduce the anxiety of the wife. Having a husband to support her by the side will increase her confidence to face the production courageously.
5. Participation in prenatal education has found that the heart and temperament of the fetus have been brewed and cultivated in the mother's belly. Prenatal education is necessary and important! A research report pointed out that the fetus is more sensitive to the low-frequency sounds of boys than the high-frequency sounds of girls, and that is-the prospective father must also participate in prenatal education! In addition, the participation of expectant fathers in prenatal education can make expectant mothers feel valued and loved, and the fetus can also feel happy. Therefore, the role of expectant fathers in prenatal education is very important. The methods of prenatal education include letting the fetus listen to soft music, talking to the fetus, and gently touching the wife's belly.
6. Psychological coping in the delivery room of the prospective dad. Now the hospital has accompanied the childbirth. In the delivery room, they saw their wife's pain and became nervous, irritable, and at a loss. They couldn't even speak, so they had to prepare in advance. Support encouraging the wife until the baby is delivered.
7. Reasonably arrange sexual life In the first 3 months and the third month of pregnancy, in order to avoid miscarriage and premature birth, sex life should be absolutely prohibited. Restraint, even in the relatively safe second trimester.
8. Sleep less for half an hour, give your wife a bedtime massage, rub her back, rub her shoulders, and massage her legs and feet before going to bed. For the wife, it is both a physical and psychological need. gentle.
9. Prepare baby supplies, baby supplies, baby room, and give your baby a good name.
10. You also need to make some sacrifices to provide your wife with a clean and warm home, so that the wife does not smell your smoke, to avoid bad colors affecting his wife's psychology, to avoid noise from causing damage to the baby, etc.

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