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How to prevent postpartum depression during pregnancy?
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The main symptom categories of pregnancy and postpartum depression include:

焦虑症状 :多见于妊娠前三个月和后三个月,早孕阶段的症状主要表现为对胎儿的过度关注引起的焦虑,后三个月则因担心分娩疼痛、新生儿健康、有无畸形等引起的焦虑。 1. Symptoms of anxiety : more common in the first three months and the third trimester of pregnancy. The symptoms of early pregnancy are mainly anxiety caused by excessive attention to the fetus, and the latter three months are due to fear of childbirth pain, newborn health, presence or absence Anxiety caused by deformity, etc.

抑郁症状: 2. Depression symptoms:

1) Depression: I feel depressed and unhappy, and often cry for a long time without any reason. It is typically more severe in the morning and lessened in the afternoon or evening.

2) Loss of interest and happiness: It is difficult to raise interest in activities that were very interesting in the past, nor can you enjoy fun in daily life and activities, and experience the joy of looking after babies.

3) Increased tiredness and decreased energy: Have different degrees of fatigue, feel difficulty in activity, decreased energy, and can't effectively recover energy or physical strength through rest or sleep.

How to prevent postpartum depression?

加强孕期的健康检查 :如出现妊娠合并症或并发症者,及时接受诊治和护理,消除不良刺激所引起的心理压力。 1. Strengthen the health checkup during pregnancy : if there are complications of pregnancy or complications, promptly receive treatment and care to eliminate the psychological pressure caused by adverse stimuli.

积极学习技能,适应新妈妈角色带来的心理变化 2. Actively learn skills and adapt to the psychological changes brought about by the new mother's role . Pregnancy school (classroom) is a good place to learn the skills of new mothers. It will allow prospective mothers and their families to fully understand the natural process of pregnancy and childbirth, comprehensively understand the process of childbirth and general postnatal measures, and create a collective among pregnant women A good atmosphere for communication, these all help to eliminate their fear and tension. At the same time, pregnant women's schools can also learn the skills and skills of newborn nursing and breastfeeding, which can help the new mothers adapt to their psychological roles.

家庭成员共同营造和谐家庭氛围 :首先要共同树立生男生女都一样的新观念。 3. Family members jointly create a harmonious family atmosphere : First of all, we must establish a new concept that both boys and girls are the same. Secondly, pregnant women and their families should take the initiative to understand the knowledge of postpartum depression, and cooperate with relevant assessments. Understanding, tolerance, and care among family members can create a good and harmonious family atmosphere, thereby reducing the psychological burden on expectant mothers.

积极参加运动锻炼,保持心情愉悦和乐观稳定的情绪状态。 4. Actively participate in sports and exercise to maintain a happy and optimistic and stable emotional state.

应尽早去专业的心理专科进行评估筛查和诊断 ,以便及早进行心理疏导和干预,避免发展为重度孕产期抑郁症。 5. Be alert to the occurrence of postpartum depression. Once there are abnormal feelings and abnormal findings, you should go to a professional psychological specialist for evaluation, screening and diagnosis as soon as possible in order to conduct psychological counseling and intervention as early as possible to avoid the development of severe maternal depression.

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