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Service Guide of Suining Chuanshan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital
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Address: No. 223 Kaixuan Middle Road, Chuanshan District, Suining City

Website: aap33.com

22268705895678 Phone: ( 0825 ) 2226870 , 5895678

Outpatient Gynecology Consultation Tel: (0825) 2233105,2231699

Outpatient pediatric consultation telephone: 5891801

5895686 Gynecology, obstetrics and gynecology consultation telephone: 5895701 , 5895686

5895685 Obstetrics consultation department: 5895690 , 5895685

Consultation Telephone: 5895706

超室咨询电话: 5895691 B -ultrasound Consultation Tel: 5895691

I. Triage

门诊二楼大厅、挂号厅设分诊咨询台,由导医为您初步分诊,并指导您就诊。 1. There is a triage consultation desk on the second floor of the outpatient hall and in the registration hall. A preliminary guidance will be provided by your doctor and will guide you to the clinic.

就诊者需携带《船山区妇幼保健院门(急)诊病历》,如有需要可在分诊咨询台购买( 1.00/本)。 2. Patients are required to bring the “Medical and Child Health Hospital Outpatient (Emergency) Medical Record” in Chuanshan District. If necessary, they can be purchased at the triage consultation desk (RMB 1.00 per copy).


人工挂号:就诊当天门诊二楼挂号处挂号。 1. Manual registration: Register on the second floor of the clinic on the day of consultation.

0012001415-1730; (夏季时间: 80012001445-1800Monday to Sunday: 8 : 00-12 : 00 , 14 : 15-17 : 30; (Summer time: 8 : 00-12 : 00 , 14 : 45-18 : 00 )

Note: ① Registration is valid on the shift; ② Please check carefully the name, consultation department and change amount on the registered receipt.

预约挂号: 2. Appointment registration:

(上班时间); ① Telephone appointment: 0825-5817080 (working hours);

,健康四川 ② Online appointment: Seek medical treatment 160 , Health Sichuan


Outpatient consultation time

001200 14301730 ;(夏季时间: 80012001500-1800Monday to Sunday: 8 : 00 to 12 : 00 14 : 30 to 17 : 30 ; (Summer time: 8 : 00 to 12 : 00 , 15 : 00-18 : 00 )

发热病人请持挂号凭条及病历到就诊科室护士站测量体温。 1. Fever patients, please take the registered receipt and medical records to the nurse station of the consultation department to measure the body temperature.

请持挂号凭条及病历按就诊时间到就诊科室报到,再在候诊区等候。 2. Please bring the registered receipt and medical record to the consultation department according to the consultation time, and then wait in the waiting area. If in doubt, consult a triage nurse.

请留意顺序就诊。 3. Please pay attention to the order of visits.

请勿随意进入诊室,以免影响他人就诊。 4. Please do not enter the consultation room at will, so as not to affect others' consultation.

Fourth, payment

There is a payment window on the second floor of the outpatient clinic, which can be paid by prescription, treatment list and checklist.

Five, four-dimensional color ultrasound examination appointment

持特殊检查申请单到三楼B超室登记预约检查时间。 1. Hold a special inspection application form and register for the inspection time at the B -ultrasound on the third floor.

检查申请单为先交费后再预约。 2. Check the application form before paying the fee before making an appointment.


Please take the inspection application form to the relevant department for inspection at the scheduled time.

Seven, blood drawing, injection, treatment

Please go to the consultation department for blood drawing, injection and treatment.

Eight, take medicine

Please go to the pharmacy on the second floor of the clinic to get medicine. 天。 The prescription is valid on the day it is issued. If the validity period needs to be extended under special circumstances, the original prescription physician shall indicate the validity period, but the validity period shall not exceed 3 days.

Nine, intravenous infusion

Please go to the nurse station on the second floor for infusion.

X. Admission procedures

The admission card issued by the outpatient doctor will be processed at the payment window on the second floor. Be a health insurance patient and register at the health insurance window

Eleven, inspection results

Pick up the inspection voucher, invoice or medical record at the result issuing office of the Inspection Department on the third floor.

Twelve, stamps, etc.

Take the doctor's outpatient medical certificate or discharge certificate to the toll booth on the second floor for stamping.


thirteen, Baby birth certificate application

  According to the "Administrative Measures for the Birth Certificate of Infants", it is handled at the special window No. 1 of the toll booth on the second floor of the hospital. (Except Saturday and Sunday)


14. Copy of discharge medical records

Inpatients who need to copy the discharge medical records, with their ID cards, please go to the medical department for approval before making copies.

fifteen, Free admission to ambulance

、入院时拨打0825-22574905895690 ,医院120急救电话将24小时进行急救。 1. Dial 0825-2257490 , 5895690 upon admission, and the hospital's 120 emergency number will provide first aid for 24 hours.

、出院病员需要医院救护车进行送回,出院时与科室护士站护士登记, 30公里之内免费,超过30公里按物价收费标准执行收费。 2. Discharged patients need a hospital ambulance for return. When they are discharged, they register with the nurses in the department nurse station. They are free of charge within 30 kilometers, and charges over 30 kilometers are charged according to the price standard.


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