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Suining Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a special governance mobilization meeting and medical insurance policy training meeting for medical security funds
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At 6:00 pm on April 24, 2019, the special governance mobilization meeting and medical insurance policy training meeting for the medical security fund of the Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital was held in the conference room on the second floor of the administrative building of our hospital. The meeting was hosted and trained by Deputy Secretary Wang Deming, who is in charge of medical insurance.

The meeting first conveyed the spirit of the relevant meetings and documents of Suining Medical Security Department; extensive mobilization and comprehensive deployment of the special governance of our hospital's crackdown on fraudulent medical insurance funds. Secretary Wang pointed out that the medical security fund is the money for the people to treat diseases and save lives, and it is related to the actual interests of each insured person. Fraud and deceit not only seriously damage the interests of the masses, but also seriously affect the order of medical security operations. Strengthening the supervision of medical insurance funds and ensuring the safety of medical insurance funds is a major livelihood issue and an important political task. Relevant personnel of our hospital must carry out self-inspection and self-correction in accordance with requirements, establish problem accounts, formulate specific rectification measures, and promptly rectify and improve them, and actively welcome special inspections by the municipal and district medical security departments.
The subsequent training of medical insurance policies further consolidated the level of medical insurance knowledge of medical staff in our hospital, strengthened the awareness of medical insurance management, standardized the behavior of medical services, and increased the awareness of all medical staff on the latest medical insurance policies and awareness of medical insurance services.

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