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Public announcement of procurement results of cord blood flow meter in Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Suining
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9 12 Bid Opening Date: September 12 , 2019

公司 四川省天茂科技 有限公司 Successful bidder : Sichuan Tianmao Technology Co., Ltd.
9 12 日至 2019年 9 1 6 Publicity date: September 12 , 2019 to September 16 , 2019

受理。 This result will take effect after publicity without objection, and the challenge after the publicity period will no longer be accepted.

76 ;党风廉政举报电话: 0825-5895688。 Questioning and consulting telephone: 0825-585956 76 ; Reporting telephone of party style and clean government: 0825-5895688.

询价 公司 对采购结果公示如有异议,请在公示发布之日起三天内,以书面形式向我院提出质疑,我院将尽快予以答复。 Solemnly declare: If the companies participating in the inquiry have any objection to the publicity of the procurement results, please submit a question to our hospital in writing within three days from the date of publicity, and our hospital will reply as soon as possible.  

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