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Procurement of LED display in Suining Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital
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Dear potential suppliers,

Our hospital will conduct in-hospital procurement for LED display screens. Suppliers with related products and qualified qualifications, and the ability to supply and service guarantee are welcome to participate in in-housing procurement.

Product information

Device name: LED display

Purchase quantity: 1 set

Purchase price: 45,000 yuan / set

Main parameters: For details, please refer to: Annex I

Second, the conditions for suppliers to participate in the registration and information to be submitted

(I) Requirements for Suppliers

1.Have the subject qualification to perform civil liability independently;

2. Comply with national laws and regulations, have good reputation and honest business ethics;

3.Have the ability to perform the contract;

4.The products supplied meet national and industry standards;

5. Meet the requirements of relevant national laws, regulations and policies.

(2) Materials to be submitted by suppliers

1. Response letter (response item);

2. Promises Letter of Integrity;

3. Product quotation (including equipment quotation, quotation for main consumables, and quotation for equipment vulnerable parts);

4.Product technical parameters;

5.Product color pages;

6.Evidence of the price of the product (sales invoices and delivery lists of at least 3 units of the products sold in 2019);

7, product certification documents;

8. Certificate of the manufacturer / superior agent (business license). For imported products, authorization is required;

9. The company's certificate (business license);

10. The power of attorney of the company's legal representative (including the authorized content, authorization period, salesperson's contact phone number, and email address), and a copy of the ID of the business representative

11. Other relevant qualification documents required by national laws and regulations for suppliers and products and equipment.

(3) Reminder of data requirements and other matters

According to the characteristics of the products provided, the company refers to the "Government Procurement Tender Document Template" and makes a booklet (the cover is a response document), and a response document is required; Normativeness is one of the basis of inquiry procurement.

Special reminder: The temporary purchase method of this equipment is the independent inquiry purchase in the hospital, so the cover name of the response file is "... response file", and it must not be written as "bid document".

Third, the procurement method

   1.Purchase using the procurement method of inquiry in the hospital;

   2. If the total price of the purchase item is higher than the purchase price limit, the purchase meeting will only be used as a market survey and information collection, and the hospital will perform the purchase in accordance with the relevant government procurement policies and procedures.

4. Registration and submission time

   1. Registration time: From now until 17:30 on September 23, 2019, overdue will not be accepted.

   2. Registration method: The supplier must also send the basic registration information (item and product name + supplier name + contact person + mobile phone number) to the hospital procurement office mailbox 1977693233@qq.com

   3. Submission time: 10 minutes before the procurement meeting.

V. Time and Place of Procurement Meeting

Purchase Fair Time: 15:00, September 24, 2019

Venue: Meeting Room, Administration Building, Maternity and Child Health Hospital, Chuanshan District, Suining

  Contact: Teacher Wang Tel: 0825-5895676


Suining Chuanshan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital

September 19, 2019

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Annex I Product parameters

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