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Postpartum care
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——Professional postpartum care restores health and beauty

Every childbirth (or abortion) will have a great adverse effect on a woman's body, and there will be a variety of postpartum symptoms, and the functional rehabilitation of the reproductive system and the recovery of the uterus will also directly affect the quality of life of future couples. The sensitive period of women's emotional fluctuations and the most fragile emotions, the so-called "psychological dependence period" in textbooks, has been closely related to the increase in postpartum depression in recent years. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish psychological and physiological rehabilitation support for postpartum women in a timely manner. important.

Kangfu technology is the latest technology in modern obstetric care that is being vigorously developed in the country. It is inexpensive and can be carried out 18 hours after cesarean section (48 hours for cesarean section). It uses professional postpartum recovery technology to reduce postpartum symptoms in time, reduce postpartum hemorrhage, and prevent Postpartum depression, promote full recovery of the uterus and reproductive system, reduce sequelae, improve quality of life, weaken stretch marks, and accelerate the recovery of body mass. The goals of postpartum (postoperative) women's transition from traditional recovery to modern recovery and from passive recovery to active recovery have been achieved.
The obstetrics and gynecology department of our hospital has formally introduced new technical services for maternity care.


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