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Early childhood games
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The early education for infants and young children carried out in our hospital mainly teaches parents to cultivate and exercise their abilities in the following aspects through a series of parent-child games:
1. Actively develop children's perception
Know the outside world through vision and hearing to stimulate your child's brain development.
2.Improve children's athletic ability
Train big movements, such as sitting, crawling, standing, walking, running, jumping, etc., to promote brain development and body coordination, and work hard to train the fine movements of both hands, such as grasping, holding, throwing, etc. "Handy mind".
3. Promote language development
Communicate with children's language, create a rich language environment, and enhance children's interest in speaking.
4.Train social communication skills
At present, there are many single children, and there is very little communication between children of the same age. It is necessary to provide an environment for social interaction and teach communication skills.
5.Promote the development of thinking and cognition
6.Develop good character and strong will

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