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Labor analgesia
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As we all know, strong uterine contractions during childbirth cause severe maternal pain, which often makes expectant mothers afraid. It can cause maternal anxiety, tachycardia, and elevated blood pressure, which can inhibit contractions, prolong labor, and severe fetal hypoxia. And other adverse reactions. The childbirth analgesia technology adopted in our hospital can obviously reduce or eliminate the pain during delivery, eliminate the vicious cycle of the above-mentioned adverse reactions, promote the early secretion of milk, improve the success rate of breastfeeding, and make the mother easy and happy to be a mother.
There are many methods of analgesia during childbirth, and the epidural analgesia technique adopted in our hospital is currently the clinically technically demanding, high safety, and ideal analgesic method of childbirth. Simply put, it is to use anesthesia technology to analgesic parturients and let them give birth naturally without pain. This analgesic method can keep the mother in awake state, eat and drink freely, without any adverse effects on fertility and the fetus, and can shorten the labor process and reduce the rate of cesarean section. It is a good choice for expectant mothers.

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