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New Life Birth Record
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Capture the most precious shot of your life

Every new life is born only once in a lifetime.

Every new baby comes with the expectation and hope of the mother.

The "New Birth Record" launched by the "Mother's Baby" imaging studio in our hospital is staffed by staff to personally go into the delivery room, operating room, ward and other places to capture the most sacred and beautiful moments before and after the birth of your cute baby with a camera. Beautiful VCD disc.


产(手术)前准备 l Preparation before delivery (surgery)

亲人焦急的等待 l Anxious wait for loved ones

宝宝诞生 l baby born

最可爱的第一声啼哭 The cutest first cry

秤体重 量身长 、盖足印 l Scale weight , measure length , cover footprints

穿衣 l dress

妈妈 最美丽、 幸福的笑脸 l Mom 's most beautiful and happy smiley

宝宝降生后家人的喜悦 l The joy of the family after the baby is born

宝宝 沐浴 、游泳 l baby , bathing , swimming



   Worth collecting for your life!

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