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Baby spa
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Baby spa recreates the environment of uterine amniotic fluid, allowing newborns to freely move their limbs, continue to experience the feeling of floating weightlessness and skin being rubbed, reduce or eliminate the uneasy feeling caused by environmental changes, and promote hearing, touch, movement, and balance The transmission of comprehensive sensory information stimulates neural and psychological development in newborns.

Benefits of Baby Spa

Effects on the Circulation and Respiratory System Through the slapping and soothing effect of good mild water on the peripheral blood vessels of the whole body skin, let the bare newborns voluntarily move whole body in water, increase the intensity of muscle activity, regulate the speed of blood circulation, and strengthen myocardial contraction Strength, increase lung capacity, improve newborns' immunity to disease, and reduce respiratory infections.

Effects on the digestive and motor systems
Neonatal swimming can promote early fetal discharge, early resolution of physiological jaundice, early absorption of nutrients, and early recovery of physiological weight loss. Infants swim, have a large amount of exercise, consume a lot of physical energy, increase their nutritional intake, increase their gastrointestinal motility, and gain more weight than their babies.

Stimulate nervous system development
Infant swimming can effectively promote the development of the baby's brain and nervous system, and stimulate the baby's potential to lay a good foundation for improving children's intelligence and emotional intelligence.

It is beneficial to enhance the flexibility and flexibility of the skeletal system. When a newborn is swimming, the body must maintain balance in the shaking water, and the limbs are constantly moving, which promotes the development of the motor system (bones, joints, and muscles).

Impact on others
Extensive contact between the skin and the swimming solution added with the solute during swimming can improve the skin metabolism and significantly reduce the occurrence of neonatal eczema and neonatal erythema. Newborn swimming can also enhance the stress response, promote the establishment of normal sleep rhythms in children, and reduce crying. In the swimming process of newborns, mothers and their families are invited to participate actively. The quiet and contented expression of newborns in the water is heart-to-heart communication, which is conducive to the growth and development of the newborn and the improvement of personality and the healthy growth of the baby.

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