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Newborn hearing screening
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Normal hearing is the prerequisite for language learning. Whether the baby's hearing is normal will affect the child's future language and intellectual development.
Hearing impairment is a common birth defect. Approximately three-millionths of children are born with hearing impairment at birth due to various reasons. 及时发现听力障碍,并及早得到康复治疗,对孩子的语言能力,智力水平不会造成太大的影响。 If hearing impairment can be found in the neonatal period or infancy in time, and early rehabilitation treatment will be provided, it will not affect the child's language ability and intelligence level.
Therefore, it can be seen that the key to preventing deafness and language development is early detection and early intervention. At present, the Ministry of Health has listed hearing screening as a routine examination of newborns. Our hospital introduces an otoacoustic emission device produced by the MADSEN company in Denmark to check newborn babies, helping you to resolve your concerns and dedicating your child to a complete world.

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