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"Painless delivery"
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831日,陕西榆林一位待产妇疑因剧痛要求剖宫产被拒,从五楼坠亡。 On August 31 , 2017 , an expectant mother in Yulin, Shaanxi, was asked to have a cesarean section because of severe pain, and she fell from the fifth floor. 生产之痛 ,并 在全国 掀起了关于无痛分娩的大讨论。 The tragedy caused the public to face up to the " pain of production " and initiated a big discussion about painless delivery throughout the country . 分娩镇痛今天就让我给大家介绍一下船山区妇幼保健院正在开展的无痛分娩吧。 Painless childbirth is medically called " birth analgesia " . Let me introduce to you the " painless childbirth " being carried out by the Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

01   经验 :生孩子哪有不疼的? Mother-in-law or mother teaches " experience " : How can it be painless to have a child? Forbearance passed. 个小时,这种犹如用大锤不停砸你肚子一样的钝痛,还要持续那么久,如何能忍? In fact, it takes more than 16 hours to give birth to a baby for the first time. This dull pain, like hitting your stomach with a sledgehammer, will last for so long. How can it be tolerated? Today's medical level is so advanced. As a new age woman, our anesthesia doctor can help you to eliminate pain, save you from danger, and be a mother easily is not a dream!

做了无痛分娩就感觉不到一点疼痛了吗? 02Did you not feel any pain after doing " painless delivery " ? In fact, isn't it a piece of cake for an anesthesiologist who can numb an elephant? 无痛分娩 ,麻醉专业名词是分娩镇痛However, the baby will not come out on its own, and you need to actively cooperate with holding your breath to force it, so we often say " painless delivery " , and the anesthesia term is " labor analgesia " . 以上 有些人完全无痛,有些人还是有 一些 痛感 或胀感 ,这与个人体质差异、麻醉师技术水平都有关系 ,但疼痛感会显著降低 The effective rate of analgesia is more than 95% . Some people are completely painless, and some people still have some pain or swelling . This is related to the difference in personal constitution and the technical level of the anesthesiologist , but the pain will be significantly reduced .

无痛分娩没啥技术含量扎点止痛药就完事儿了,谁都能做 其实,无痛分娩方法很多,最常用的也是国际最先进的方法 就是 我院正在开展的“硬膜外 分娩镇痛 ,简单说,就是在腰椎间隙穿刺,导入一根很细的导管,从这里推入麻药,再连接一个止痛泵,持续用泵注药直到宝宝出生。 03 There is no technical content to do " painless delivery ". It is done with a painkiller. Anyone can do it. In fact, there are many methods for painless delivery. The most commonly used method is the most advanced method in the world. " Extramembrane analgesia " is simply a puncture in the lumbar intervertebral space, a thin catheter is introduced, anesthetic is pushed from here, and an analgesic pump is connected, and the pump is continuously injected until the baby is born. These operations can not be done by non-anaesthesia professionals. At the same time, the anesthesiologist needs to closely observe and adjust the dose to achieve the best analgesic effect.

做了无痛分娩就是在腰上扎针,将来会腰疼 其实,如果麻醉操作顺利,是不会引起腰疼的并发症的,局部针眼的疼痛几天后也会消失了。 04I did a " painless delivery " by putting a needle on the waist, which will cause back pain in the future. In fact, if the anesthesia operation is successful, it will not cause complications of back pain. The local needle eye pain will disappear after a few days. 所以,对于产后长时间腰疼的毛病,跟打没打麻醉真的没什么关系。 There are many causes of postpartum low back pain, such as spinal pressure throughout pregnancy, endocrine changes, calcium deficiency, and ligament muscle strain caused by postpartum overwork, etc ... So, for postpartum low back pain, follow with It doesn't really matter if you don't have anesthesia.

无痛分娩给妈妈打了麻药肚子里的宝宝会不会也跟着麻醉了,影响宝宝智力发育 其实, 分娩镇痛药物的剂量是剖宫产手术麻药的1/20-1/10 ,因此进入母体、血液、通过胎盘的几率微乎其微。 05 " Painless childbirth " gave the mother anesthesia. Will the baby in the stomach also be anesthetized, which will affect the baby's intellectual development. In fact, the dose of analgesic drugs for delivery is 1 / 20-1 / 10 of cesarean section anesthetics Therefore, the chance of entering the mother's body, blood, and passing through the placenta is very small. The highest criterion for childbirth analgesia is to maintain the safety of mothers and infants. A large number of studies have shown that it has no adverse effects on the fetus, and by adjusting the mother's contractions and breathing, it reduces the occurrence of hypoxia in the fetus, which is also immediate in an emergency. Caesarean section earned time. It can be said that with our anesthesia doctor escorting you, the safety of mother and baby is added!

你以为产痛来临的时候无痛分娩想做就能做 其实,在欧美发达国家,分娩镇痛早已经是顺产标配,但在中国普及率 不足 1 0 % ,并非技术层面的原因,主要是宣教、观念、政策等方面的原因,还有就是麻醉医生人员短缺 2015 年,中国每万人拥有麻醉医生0.5人,而欧美国家每万人至少有2.4个麻醉医生。 06 Do you think " painless delivery " can do what you want when labor pain is coming . In developed countries in Europe and America, childbirth analgesia is already standard for delivery, but the penetration rate in China is less than 10 % , which is not a technical reason. It is mainly due to mission, concept, policy, etc., and the shortage of anesthesiologists . In 2015 , there were 0.5 anesthesiologists per 10,000 people in China, while there were at least 2.4 anesthesiologists per 10,000 people in Europe and the United States. 选择 正在开展”无痛分娩“的船山区妇幼保健院 Therefore, in order to enjoy the benefits of painless childbirth, please choose the Chuanshan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital which is currently conducting "painless childbirth" .

往往伴随着危险 For mothers, the pain of labor is not only difficult, but often accompanied by danger . 就没有 生的 力气了。 Many dystocia are caused by pain, because there is no strength behind the pain . 改变,如 焦虑 抑郁 烦躁等,甚至情绪失控, 酿成悲剧。 Many mothers experience emotional changes when they suffer from severe pain , such as anxiety , depression , irritability, etc., and even lose control of their emotions, causing tragedy. 让我们携起手来使更多的产妇 享受到分娩镇痛 以便进一步保障广大妇女的生殖健康权益,促进 社会的文明 的不断进步。 As the leading discipline for the development of comfort medicine, the Department of Anesthesiology should meet the growing demand for comfort medicine as much as possible for the masses of the people . Let us join hands to enable more women to enjoy " birth analgesia " in order to further protect the majority Women's reproductive health rights and interests promote the continuous progress of social civilization .

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