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Suining Chuanshan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital
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Since January 1998, the Department of Child Health has been set up, and it has taken the lead in carrying out microcomputerized system management of 0-6 year-old children's health in the city. In 2003, it also started to analyze the nutrition of children's diet. In 2009, early childhood education for infants and young children, intelligent screening for infants and young children, temperament assessment, and newborn hearing screening were launched.

In February 2010, the hospital formally established a pediatric and child health department, and launched a pediatric clinic and a child health department clinic. Pediatric clinics carry out the diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring diseases in pediatrics. Carried out the diagnosis, treatment and referral of critically ill pediatrics, carried out the diagnosis, disinfection, isolation and treatment of pediatric infectious diseases, and the reporting of infectious diseases. The Child Health Clinic has carried out systematic child health management work for children aged 0-6, and also carried out ad hoc management of frail children, intelligence screening, child temperament assessment, early childhood education and other auxiliary projects. Comprehensive assessment of physical development, motor development, language development, etc., to conduct dietary nutrition guidance analysis and evaluation. Newborn work in the inpatient department: All newborn babies born in the hospital are inspected from time to time, conduct a comprehensive physical examination, guide breastfeeding and correct care, and deal with problems when they are found. Newborns are routinely tested for skin jaundice and hearing screening. The abnormal jaundice of newborns shall be handled in a timely and correct manner, and those with problems in newborn hearing screening shall be re-screened and referred. Participate in the rescue of critically ill neonates and be on call to do referral and referral work of critically ill neonates without delay. Complete the writing of the pediatric part of the medical record in time.
Department's existing facilities and equipment: OTOREAD otoacoustic emission tester, JH20-1B, JM-103 percutaneous jaundice tester. Existing business rooms: four offices: pediatric diagnosis room, child health diagnosis room, hearing screening and intelligent screening room, infant education room.
Current staff of the department:
Zhou Tao: Graduated from the Department of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, Chongqing Medical University in July 1992, and is the Deputy Chief Physician. He is currently the Deputy Director of Pediatrics and Child Health, and has been engaged in clinical work in pediatrics and child health for 22 years.
Li Hongbing: Graduated from the Maternal and Child Health Care Department of North Sichuan Medical College in July 1995. He is an attending physician and has been engaged in pediatric clinical work for 19 years.
Yang Jian: Graduated from the Nursing Department of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in July 2000. She is a nurse nurse and has been engaged in clinical nursing for 14 years. She was transferred to pediatrics in September 2009 and has been engaged in child health care to date.
Pu Yan: graduated from Sichuan University of Continuing Education College of Advanced Nursing in May 2006, and has been a nurse nurse. He has been engaged in clinical nursing for 15 years. He was transferred to pediatrics in May 2013 and has been engaged in child health care so far.
Department Deputy Director: Zhou Tao Section Phone: 0825-5891801
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