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Outpatient department
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The gynecology and outpatient clinics of the Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital are divided into: obstetrics clinics, gynecological clinics, and women's health departments. The department has more than 20 medical personnel at all levels, including 4 deputy senior titles and 1 intermediate title.

Outpatient department introduction:
I. Obstetric clinics: divided into perinatal health care and high-risk pregnancy clinics
1. Carrying out health care during pregnancy, management of high-risk pregnancy, and treatment of pregnancy complications.
2. The pregnant women should build a book, a medical record and an electrocardiogram within 12 weeks. Diagnosis and diagnosis of early pregnancy and related diseases in early pregnancy, preliminary screening of high-risk factors for pregnancy, provision of eugenic counseling, basic knowledge of eugenics and prenatal care, preparation before pregnancy, precautions during pregnancy, rational medication during pregnancy, prevention of genetic metabolic diseases and birth defects. At the same time, the following tests are carried out: blood tests, blood types, urine tests, hepatitis C tests, TORCH, liver function tests, free testing of hepatitis B virus, HIV, syphilis, thyroid function tests, Down syndrome, diabetes screening, color Doppler ultrasound, Fetal heart monitoring, bone density check, etc.
3. Pregnant women's schools run every two weeks. Face-to-face breastfeeding knowledge and skills, health care knowledge during each pregnancy, and simulation demonstration. Regularly invite professionals to give lectures and communicate face-to-face with pregnant women and their families.
2. Gynecology clinic
1. Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases: including various vulvovaginitis, cervical inflammation, pelvic inflammation; gynecological tumors (such as uterine fibroids, endometrial cancer, ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, etc.); endocrine diseases (such as: function Uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, perimenopausal syndrome, etc.); infertility, endometriosis, etc.
2. Family planning surgery: carry out visual painless flow of people, logistics medicine production, upper ring, ring removal, diagnosis and curettage, tubal drainage.
3. Cervical disease diagnosis and treatment LCT is used to screen cervical cancer and precancerous lesions. At the same time, international advanced LEEP technology is also used to treat precancerous cervical cancer and other cervical lesions, and effectively treat various gynecological diseases such as vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, and cervical polyps. Patients do not need to be hospitalized, and strict follow-up is provided in outpatient clinics to provide patients with convenient and fast treatment.
4. Colposcopy: It uses a colposcopy to magnify 6-40 times under a strong light source, and looks directly at the cervical and vaginal lesions. Biopsy in suspicious areas can improve the diagnosis rate.
Women's Health Clinic
Undertake the prevention and treatment of women's diseases: mainly carry out adolescent health care, pre-pregnancy and pre-marital medical examinations, postpartum examinations, menopause health care, and general treatment of women's diseases.
Outpatient Department Director: Wei Lizhi, Head Nurse: Liao Yan Section, Tel: 0825-5895708
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