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Functional Section
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The B-ultrasound room was established in 1988 and the ECG room was established in 1992. There are 7 doctors in the general department, including 5 bachelor's degrees, 2 college degrees, 2 intermediate titles, and 4 junior titles. Department's existing equipment color ultrasound (Madison X6, Madison 8000XE), B ultrasound (open A8), electrocardiograph (photoelectric ECCT9130P), digital electronic colposcope (JH-5003). In order to meet the needs of clinical, teaching and scientific research, according to the actual situation of our hospital, two-dimensional color ultrasound of obstetrics, color ultrasound of gynecology in the cavity, color ultrasound of abdomen, routine B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram, and colposcopy are carried out. Examination items: conventional fetal prenatal ultrasound examination and sieve deformity, gynecological cavity disease and physical examination. Follicle monitoring, breast examination, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, bladder, ureter examination.

The department currently conducts 55,000 ultrasound examinations and 8000 ECG examinations each year, and accepts township and town doctors for further studies and apprenticeships in schools. The department continuously summarizes work experience and conducts scientific research projects. In order to better serve the majority of women, the department constantly introduces new technologies, strengthens personnel training, and sends department doctors to higher-level hospitals for further studies. Make the department level leap.
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