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Suining Chuanshan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital
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Gynecology, obstetrics and gynecology is a comprehensive department that integrates gynecology and obstetrics. There are 24 medical staff, including 1 deputy chief physician, 3 attending physicians, 1 resident physician, 2 supervisors, 7 nurses, 8 nurses, and 2 nurses. The department covers an area of about 1,400 square meters and has 58 open beds. It has an examination room, a fetal supervision room and a spa room. The department provides prenatal, perinatal and postnatal services for pregnant women with elegant environment, superb technology and humanistic services. With the great attention and support of the hospital leaders, we took the lead in launching the pilot ward of high-quality nursing services, which was well received by everyone.

Department's main equipment: 1 fetal monitor, 3 ECG monitors, 1 electric knife, 1 neonatal incubator, 1 neonatal radiation warmer, 2 wall-mounted air disinfection machines, mobile air disinfection 1 machine, 9 computers.
Projects carried out by the department: carried out high-risk pregnancy treatment and cesarean section, vaginal and abdominal hysterectomy, ovarian cyst excision, ectopic pregnancy, tubal ligation, hymen repair and so on. Carry out newborn bath, baby spa and postpartum care.
Free 24-hour consultation hotline: 0825-5895701
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