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Suining Chuanshan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital
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The second department of obstetrics was established on March 1, 2012. There are currently 23 medical staff in the department; 2 deputy chief physicians, 3 physicians, 1 supervising nurse, 10 nurses, 5 nurses, and 2 nursing workers. The department has an area of about 1600 square meters and 51 open beds. There are examination rooms, fetal supervision rooms, baby wash rooms, etc. The general medical staff is a backbone team with comprehensive quality, excellent technical skills, willingness to endure hardships, and willingness to dedicate. It has rich clinical experience and inherits to provide multi-level and comprehensive medical services for pregnant and maternal patients. Advanced inspection, treatment, monitoring, and first aid equipment provide powerful conditions for the diagnosis and treatment of high-risk mothers and critically ill patients.

Department's main equipment: central oxygen supply device, 2 twin-bed fetal heart rate monitors, 3 ECG monitors, 1 postpartum recovery device, 1 baby incubator, 3 jaundice treatment devices, 1 jaundice treatment bed, baby 1 radiant warmer, low-voltage electric aspirator, simple breathing apparatus for adults and newborns, etc.
The department has attracted a large number of patients with its advanced technology and high-quality services. The department has now launched high-risk pregnancy technology and cesarean section, vaginal and abdominal hysterectomy, ovarian tumor removal, ectopic pregnancy and other gynecological operations. Appropriate obstetric techniques such as newborn bathing and postpartum care were developed. In August 2012, a demonstration project of quality nursing services was launched.
Section phone: 2257490; 5895690
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