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Department of Anesthesiology
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Department Overview:

As the pivotal department of the modern hospital, the anesthesia operating room is responsible for clinical anesthesia, emergency resuscitation, intensive monitoring and treatment, pain treatment, operating room and delivery room nursing for outpatients and inpatients. At present, there are 15 employees in the anesthesia operating room, 5 anesthesiologists and 10 nurses. Existing 2 operating rooms, 1 domestic anesthesia machine, 3 multifunctional monitors, central oxygen supply, overall surgery shadowless lamp, multifunctional operating bed, infrared radiation warmer and other facilities, nearly 10,000 cases are completed annually (more than 6,000 outpatient clinics) Cases, hospitalized nearly 4000 cases) clinical anesthesia.
The department has established the service tenet of "patient-centered", and takes patient satisfaction as the work goal. The hospital service concept of "Serving with affection and using love to practice" will be implemented to every patient. Through preoperative visits and Q & A, quality nursing during the operation, postoperative return visits and other missions, high-quality nursing care eliminates the preoperative tension, loneliness during the operation, and helplessness after the operation. A general anesthetic with fast onset, rapid awakening, and no drowsiness after awakening by intravenous injection, which allows patients to be in a general anesthesia state when undergoing abortion, effectively eliminating tension, fear and pain in patients. Through the development of postoperative analgesia, it can help patients to effectively alleviate postoperative pain, promote recovery, and improve the success rate of breastfeeding. The labor analgesia to be carried out on a large scale can effectively eliminate the labor pains of uterine contractions and suture pain of side cut wounds, reduce the physical pain and mental torture of women, and make them welcome the arrival of new life in a more relaxed atmosphere. Mother happiness.
Our general staff will continue to work hard to better serve the health of women and children by improving their own moral cultivation and professional quality.
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