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Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital held the "May. 12" International Nurses Day celebration
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个国际护士节。 In pink May, the flowers are full of branches. In this colorful season, we welcome the 103rd International Nurses Day. Hospital at 511日下午 Afternoon on May 11 , 2015 在七楼会议室召开了“ 5.12国际护士节”庆祝大会,会议由护理部主任魏洪英主持,全院护士及领导干部等共80余人参加了会议。 At 17:30 , the " 5.12 International Nurses Day" celebration meeting was held in the conference room on the seventh floor. The meeting was chaired by Wei Hongying, director of the Nursing Department. There were more than 80 people including nurses and leading cadres in the hospital.

At the celebration, the business director Luo Hongying affirmed the achievements of nursing work, pointed out some current problems in nursing, and made good suggestions for our next work. Dean Jiang Xiaohai first represented the hospital's leadership team to the hospital's nursing work. Seasons greetings and heartfelt thanks. He said that our hospital has achieved gratifying results in recent years: significant progress has been made in the hospital's connotation construction; hospital management, medical facilities, technology, medical environment, and medical service quality have all reached new levels. The achievement of these achievements is inseparable from the hard work of all nursing managers and nurses. The medical staff of our hospital have obviously improved from economic treatment, political reputation and overall literacy. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, President Jiang asked the nursing staff in the hospital to: change the service mode, service attitude, and improve service quality; strengthen the sense of ownership and do all the work well; strengthen the training of three basics, focus on effectiveness; establish awareness of risk To ensure medical safety. It is hoped that the hospital's medical staff will work together to overcome difficulties, the leaders will work hard, the people will provide suggestions and suggestions, re-evaluate the hospital's top two, and make the greatest efforts to build women's and children's hospitals.

    会上进行了护理、院感三基知识竞赛。 At the meeting, there were three basic knowledge contests of nursing and hospital sense. 最后对护理技能操作、理论比赛一、二、三等奖获得者进行了表彰。 Finally, the first, second and third prize winners of nursing skills operation and theoretical competitions were commended. This activity fully reflects the high attention and support given by hospital leaders to nursing work, and the care and encouragement of nursing workers.

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