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Standardized etiquette training for nurses
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, 医院领导高度重视,特邀请四川职业技术学院高级讲师李巧义 , 1 26 13 30 在医院七楼会议室进行礼仪培训,全院护理工作者、护工及医院部份窗口科室共 62 人参加培训学习。 In order to further enhance the image of the hospital, improve the etiquette level of the staff, and provide high-quality and comfortable nursing services for the patients , the hospital leaders attach great importance to it, and invited Li Qiaoyi , a senior lecturer of Sichuan Vocational and Technical College , on January 26 at 13:30 on the seventh floor of the hospital Etiquette training was conducted in the conference room. A total of 62 people from the hospital's nursing staff, nursing staff and some window departments of the hospital participated in the training.

Before the training, Bai Li, the chairman of the union, made a speech, and put forward the disciplinary requirements of the meeting and the importance of training. During the training, Lee The teacher explained the nurse etiquette, expression etiquette, body etiquette common in nursing work. Through this theoretical lecture and on-site training, nurses' aesthetic accomplishment, etiquette level and overall quality have been improved. Everyone deeply realized that hospital leaders attach great importance to and support for nursing work. The hospital will also take etiquette training as an important management task to continuously improve and improve the overall service quality.

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