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Convening of mobilizing the establishment of second-class first-class Maternal and Child Health Hospital
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At 17:30 pm on May 5, 2011, the Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a mobilization conference to create a second-class Maternal and Child Health Hospital on the seventh floor of the hospital. More than 130 cadres and staff of the hospital attended the meeting. Comrade Yu Yongbing, the dean and director of the Compliance Office chaired.

At the meeting, President Jiang Xiaohai made a mobilization speech. The first is from the requirements of the recent Sichuan Maternal and Child Health Hospital's rating review training meeting and the important speech of Deputy Director Zhao Xiaoguang of the Provincial Department of Health, from the leading position of our hospital in the province's county-level maternal and child health institutions and the disadvantage of the local health hospital. The current development situation is analyzed, and the significance of establishing a second-class Maternal and Child Health Hospital from the perspective of further standardized management and long-term development of the hospital is elaborated. The second is to require the cadres and staff of the hospital to clarify the goals and tasks, and to advance the establishment work in a solid and orderly manner. Require all departments and departments to study carefully, fully grasp the creation requirements in a short period of time, and clarify their respective tasks; the hospital will strengthen investment and strive to complete the transformation of special departments such as painless abortion rooms, delivery rooms, and operating rooms by the end of August to ensure hardware The facilities met the standards during acceptance; required the staff of the hospital to strictly follow the new standards for the establishment of a second-level maternity and child care hospital, check for leaks, work overtime, and improve various software materials from 2009 to 2011; require staff and staff of the hospital to be familiar with, master, and strictly Implement various rules and regulations, and comprehensively improve the level and quality of hospital management. Third, in order to ensure the successful completion of the creation work in October this year, the hospital established a creation work leadership group, which has a standard compliance office and seven creation groups; the target tasks are broken down and implemented to the lead leaders, lead departments and responsible persons, and the progress is formulated. Implement the schedule in a rigorous manner; require the cadres and staff of the hospital to establish a collective consciousness and overall concept, give play to the spirit of ownership, cooperate with all parties, and everyone participates in the "creation" work; require the leading leaders and responsible departments to strengthen supervision and establish the office every half a month Regular meetings for the creation of work are held to implement a system of accountability and strict rewards and punishments. In the end, President Jiang asked the cadres and staff of the hospital to stand at a new starting point and new heights, to firmly establish the confidence and determination to create a win, to take a serious and responsible attitude, to seek a realistic and pragmatic style, to carefully organize and push forward, and to ensure that this year's creation work With complete success.

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