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Pay close attention to medical quality to ensure medical safety
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2011 6 4 日召开《狠抓医疗质量、确保医疗安全、加强医患沟通专题会》会议,会议由医院分管院长主持,全院卫生专业技术人员参加了会议。 In order to strengthen hospital quality management, standardize medical behavior, ensure medical quality and safety, and ensure the smooth evaluation of hospital grades, Suining Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital convened June 4th , 2011 The Special Meeting on Doctor-Patient Communication was held by the director of the hospital, and the health professionals from the hospital attended the meeting.
The conference focused on the theme of "Accreditation Standards for Class-A Maternal and Child Health Hospitals in Sichuan Province", and conducted self-inspection and self-correction on how each clinical and medical technology department can further improve and implement the work in the evaluation standards, effectively improve work efficiency . At the meeting, Luo Hongying, the dean in charge of the hospital, gave a briefing on the current status and problems of medical quality management, and provided guidance and arrangements for subsequent work. The heads of the clinical and medical technology departments actively spoke. They summarized the preliminary work, reviewed the shortcomings of the undergraduate room, and expressed their determination to seriously complete the work in the future.
Finally, Dean Jiang Xiaohai made an important speech, emphasizing the necessity of creating the "second-class" work, and called on everyone to work together to achieve success.  

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