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Obstetric emergency emergency drill
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     2011 7 14 18 时由业务副院长罗红英牵头,组织相关部门进行了一次产科急诊急救应急演练。 In order to further strengthen the emergency response of medical and emergency personnel in obstetrics and emergency situations, establish smooth and efficient pre-hospital emergency and in-hospital emergency channels, improve the overall rescue level of the hospital's organization and cooperation, and ensure timely, standardized and effective clinical emergency treatment. Women and children in Chuanshan District, Suining City At 18:00 on July 14 , 2011 , the health center was led by Luo Hongying, deputy director of business, and organized relevant departments to conduct an emergency emergency drill for obstetrics.

        The exercise was arranged by the medical department and the nursing department. With the goal of finding and solving problems, a detailed simulation exercise plan was developed in advance. By simulating a pregnant woman with suspected total placental bleeding, she was admitted from the hospital, Relevant elements such as consultation, department coordination, business skills, and blood transfusion process intermingle the work of clinical departments and medical technology departments. The hospital's obstetrics and gynecology ward, anesthesia department, operating room, functional department, laboratory department, ambulance unit and other departments participated in the exercise. At the same time as the emergency drill, it also temporarily assumed that the condition changed on the spot, combined with questions, focused on the ability of medical staff to respond quickly to emergency emergencies, the ability to communicate and coordinate with patients' families, superior doctors, relevant departments, etc. in emergency situations, and first aid Knowledge and technology level.

All aspects of the obstetric emergency emergency drill were in compliance with the requirements and achieved the expected results. Through this exercise, the implementation of the medical core system by medical staff, the mastery of emergency obstetric emergency plan contents, the preparation of first aid-related drugs, equipment, and articles, whether the first-aid visits arrived within the prescribed time, the emergency inspection, Whether the emergency surgery is timely, whether the treatment of patients is standardized and orderly, whether the in-hospital consultation meets relevant requirements, and the ability of obstetric medical staff to identify and deal with acute and critical diseases in obstetrics.

This exercise not only consolidated the first-aid knowledge of the medical staff, strengthened the emergency capacity of the medical staff, but also strengthened the organization and coordination of emergency rescue in various clinical departments. At the same time, through the drill, the weak links in the work were found and improved to further improve The level of pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency care has played a role in ensuring medical quality and medical safety.

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