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Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a "hand hygiene promotion activity week" kick-off meeting
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5 5 日世界手卫生日来临之际,根据《四川省预防医学会关于开展手卫生宣传活动的倡议》,船山区妇幼保健院于 2015 5 4 日下午,在七楼会议室举行了以“母婴健康,从手卫生做起”为主题的“手卫生宣传活动周”启动会。 On the occasion of World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5 , according to the "Sichuan Provincial Preventive Medical Association's Initiative on Hand Hygiene Promotion Activities", the Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital was held in the afternoon on May 4 , 2015, in the conference room on the seventh floor. The launching meeting of "Hand hygiene promotion week" with the theme of "Mother and Infant Health, Starting from Hand Hygiene" was held. 100 人次参加了此次会议。 Nearly 100 people attended the conference.

启动会上,蒋晓海院长作了“手卫生宣传活动周”动员讲话,并 率先在“手卫生承诺板”上签名。 At the kick-off meeting, President Jiang Xiaohai gave a mobilization speech on "Hand Sanitation Promotion Week" and took the lead in signing the "Hand Sanitation Commitment Board". 蒋院长从2009WHO发起手卫生活动的意义、因手卫生规范执行不到位引起的医院感染暴发事件及医院近几年在执行手卫生规范过程中取得的成效等几方面强调了手卫生在医院感染控制中的重要性,号召 全院职工积极参与手卫生的宣传教育活动, 希望利用手卫生宣传活动周这个契机,让“手卫生”成为每个医务人员日常医疗工作中的自律行为,进一步 提高手卫生依从性和正确性 Dean Jiang emphasized the importance of hand hygiene in 2009 , including the significance of hand hygiene activities initiated by the WHO in 2009 , outbreaks of nosocomial infections caused by inadequate implementation of hand hygiene practices, and the hospital's achievements in the implementation of hand hygiene practices in recent years. The importance of hospital infection control, calling on all hospital staff to actively participate in hand hygiene education activities, hoping to use the opportunity of hand hygiene promotion week to make "hand hygiene" a self-discipline behavior in the daily medical work of each medical staff, and further Improve hand hygiene compliance and correctness .

此次活动形式多样,将通过宣传展板、张贴海报、手卫生宣传电脑屏保、电子滚动屏及病区宣传栏、医务人员手卫生承诺签名、手卫生知识讲座、播放手卫生视频、手卫生技能与理论知识竞赛等方式,在全院营造浓厚的手卫生文化氛围,进一步增强医务人员感染控制意识,减少卫生保健相关性感染的发生。 This event will take various forms. Through publicity display boards, posters, hand hygiene promotion computer screensavers, electronic scroll screens and ward bulletin boards, medical staff hand hygiene commitment signatures, hand hygiene knowledge lectures, hand hygiene videos, hand hygiene skills and Theoretical knowledge contests and other methods will create a strong hand hygiene culture atmosphere throughout the hospital, further enhance the awareness of infection control among medical staff, and reduce the occurrence of health care-related infections.

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