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Maternity and Child Health Hospital of Chuanshan District launches hand hygiene skills and theoretical knowledge contest
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2015 年手卫生宣传活动周》活动方案, 2015 5 6 日,医院感染管理科精心组织策划了手卫生技能与理论知识竞赛。 In order to implement the activities of "Hand Hygiene of Medical Staff" and " Hand Health Promotion Week 2015 of Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital ", on May 6 , 2015, the Hospital Infection Management Department carefully organized a hand hygiene skills and theoretical knowledge contest . A competition assessment team for hand hygiene skills and theoretical knowledge was established, with the head of the department in charge, Luo Hongying. The content of the competition includes two parts of medical staff's hand-washing methods and hand-washing-related knowledge questions, and a closed book examination of theoretical knowledge of hand hygiene. 80 多人次参加了竞赛。 More than 80 medical technicians from clinical departments of the hospital participated in the competition. The players are actively preparing, the competition is fierce, and the atmosphere is active. Each player has mastered the hand-washing method. The entire hand-washing process is proficient, consistent, and correct. Every player answered seriously. After fierce competition, Zhang Lizhi, Roni and Zeng Hongmei won the first prize, second prize and third prize respectively.

本次竞赛活动对于我院医务人员规范手卫生操作技能、提高手卫生知识及增强医院感染防控能力和责任意识,使手卫生成为医务人员的一种自觉行为起到了很好的推动作用,从而不断地提高我院的医院感染管理质量,减少医院感染的发生,保障医疗安全和医疗质量。 This competition has promoted the medical staff in our hospital to standardize hand hygiene operation skills, improve hand hygiene knowledge, and strengthen hospital infection prevention and control capabilities and sense of responsibility, making hand hygiene a conscious behavior of medical staff. Continuously improve the quality of hospital infection management in our hospital, reduce the incidence of hospital infection, and ensure medical safety and quality.

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