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Suining Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital launched a lecture on "Diagnosis and Control of Nosocomial Infection"
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In order to further improve the monitoring of nosocomial infection cases and targeted surveillance of surgical site infections in 2015, and to conscientiously implement various prevention and control measures for nosocomial infections to prevent outbreaks of nosocomial infections, the hospital hired Suining at 5 pm on June 22, 2015 The director of the Municipal Hospital Infection Quality Control Center and the former director of the Central Hospital Hospital Huang Jiasui came to the hospital to give a lecture on "Diagnosis and Control of Hospital Infection". The hospital has nearly 90 professional and technical personnel to participate.

At the training meeting, Director Huang emphasized the importance of nosocomial infection control by citing outbreak cases of nosocomial infections, and explained the nosocomial infection concepts, nosocomial infection diagnosis principles, and the like in combination with typical cases of nosocomial infections and picture demonstrations. Hospital diagnostic procedures, diagnostic criteria for common hospital infections, and prevention and control of surgical site infections and urinary tract infections. After the training, all the participants were evaluated by the Department of Sense.
Through training, the hospital's physicians' ability to diagnose infections in hospitals has been further enhanced, the awareness of hospital infection cases reporting has been enhanced, and the hospital infection case monitoring and reporting system has been further implemented, thereby effectively preventing nosocomial infections and effectively protecting the health and safety of mothers and infants .

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