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Suining Chuanshan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital launched a poverty alleviation day
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      6个扶贫日到来之际,为弘扬中华民族 扶贫济困、友善互助的传统美德,建立 “三位一体”的大扶贫格局,根据遂船脱贫办发 [2019]34号文件要求 我院积极开展了扶贫日捐赠活动。 On the occasion of the 6th poverty alleviation day in our country , in order to promote the traditional virtues of poverty alleviation, friendship and mutual assistance of the Chinese nation , and establish a "three-in-one" pattern of poverty alleviation, according to the requirements of the [2019] 34 document issued by the Suichuan Anti-poverty Office , Actively carried out donation activities for poverty alleviation day. On the morning of October 11, under the leadership of Comrade Jiang Xiaohai, Secretary of the General Party Branch and President of our hospital, the hospital actively carried out the "Poverty Alleviation Day Public Welfare Donation" activity. 慷慨解囊,向贫困地区、贫困群众献出 了自己的 一份爱心 ,共筹得善款 6410.00元。 The staff of the hospital responded positively to the call and generously donated their gifts to the poor areas and the poor , raising a total of RMB 6410.00.

扶贫济困是中华民族的传统美德,参与扶贫日捐款活动 ,不仅是继承和弘扬这一传统美德的善举,也是每位公民应尽的社会责任。 Everyone said that poverty alleviation is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Participating in donation activities on the day of poverty alleviation is not only a kind act to inherit and promote this traditional virtue, but also a social responsibility that every citizen should fulfill. 能让困难群众早日脱贫致富, 如期进入全面小康社会 ,过上幸福美好生活! It is hoped that the trickle will converge into a river and resolutely win the tough battle of poverty alleviation, so that the poor can get rid of poverty and become rich as soon as possible, enter a comprehensive well-off society as planned, and live a happy and beautiful life!

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