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In-depth front-line inspection and supervision to ensure that poverty alleviation is in place
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On November 25, Jiang Xiaohai, secretary of the Party branch and director of the Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, went to Changhong Village, Tangjia Township, Chuanshan District, to supervise the poverty alleviation work, and participated in a support work seminar organized by Changhong Village, Tangjia Township .


政策和 知识,引导贫困户养成良好生活习惯,让贫困户做脱贫路上的明白人,为迎省检打下良好的群众基础;要全力准备,充分做好迎检方案,在精准扶贫大排查中,紧扣工作重点、层层 落实 分解任务、补齐工作短板,坚决打赢长虹村脱贫攻坚这场硬仗 At the symposium, President Jiang made arrangements for the poverty alleviation work of the Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital after hearing the current problems reported by the secretary of Changhong Village. He pointed out that the current poverty alleviation work has entered a critical period. Raise awareness, overcome misfortune-relieving luck, strengthen political responsibility, and fully recognize the importance of current work; highlight the key points, further organize and improve the materials, and ensure that the poverty alleviation manuals and households are not leaked; actively carry out the theme education Promote poverty-relieving policies and knowledge to poor households, guide poor households to develop good living habits, allow poor households to become clear people on the road to poverty alleviation, and lay a good mass foundation for the provincial inspection; make full preparations and fully prepare for the inspection The plan, in the large-scale precision poverty alleviation investigation, closely linked the work focus, implemented the decomposition tasks at various levels , and supplemented the shortcomings of the work, resolutely winning the tough battle of poverty alleviation in Changhong Village .


蒋院长带领船山区妇幼保健院扶贫帮扶小组一行根据 “一超六有”基本要求,围绕两不愁三保障 入户政策宣传等具体内容,逐户查找分析问题。 After the meeting, President Jiang led the Poverty Alleviation and Help Group of the Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital based on the basic requirements of "one super, six," and focused on the specific content of two cares, three guarantees , and home promotion policies to analyze and analyze problems on a household-by-household basis. 全面查找、梳理扶贫工作中存在的问题, 切实解决贫困户的具体困难, 确保及时发现、及时整改 及时解决 不出纰漏 提高 扶贫工作 效率 Help the people to refer to the "Poverty Alleviation Manual" of the poor households, communicate with the poor households in depth, communicate in detail , comprehensively find out and sort out the problems existing in the poverty alleviation work, effectively solve the specific difficulties of the poor households, and ensure timely detection, rectification , timely resolution , We will identify problems and improve the efficiency of poverty alleviation .

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