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Outpatient Department Director Wei Lizhi: Patients' healthy discharge is my greatest achievement!
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When she met Wei Lizhi at the Chuanshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, she was consulting. Patient, professional and dedicated, she has been engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of common gynecological diseases and difficult diseases for more than 20 years. She studied in the West China Affiliated Hospital of Sichuan University. She is good at the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological inflammation, gynecological tumors, infertility, irregular menstruation and various plans. Fertility surgery.

Not afraid to work hard on the front line

"It's the happiest time for me to see the patients who come to the hospital for treatment and healthy discharge. Every doctor is the most fulfilled at this time." When asked when he was most happy for many years, Wei Lizhi responded.


"In the past, the hospital was small and the department was relatively under-staffed. The emergency department was frequently on duty. At that time, there were few roads, poor road conditions, and frequent 120 visits. Often, the night of the emergency department was on the way to the clinic. It's the night of the shift. "She said of the hardest days in her memory.


One night in 2000, Wei Lizhi brought a nurse on duty to a town in Pengxi County. It was raining that night, and the rural roads were very muddy. She took the first-aid kit with the nurse to the mother's house on foot. "On rainy country roads, the mud is more than 10 cm deep and we can't wear shoes. We can only go forward barefoot. We can only protect the first-aid kit when we are sheltering from the wind and rain." Wei Lizhi said. When she came to the mother's home, she immediately carried out the necessary on-site treatment for the newborn and the mother. However, due to the limited conditions at the site, further treatment and observation were needed at the hospital. There was only one old father in the mother's home. The medical staff and driver carried the mother back to the ambulance. Subsequently, the mother and newborn were taken back to the hospital together. After 2 days of further treatment and observation, the mother and child were discharged safely.


For more than 20 years, Wei Lizhi, the director of the outpatient department, has endured hardships, and used her youth and blood to provide professional and welcoming services to the citizens who came to the clinic, using her hands to solve one difficulty after another.

Magic hand guards the lifeline

"These are pennants and thank-you letters sent by the citizens. There is a story behind them. As the publicity continues to increase, most citizens have mastered the correct methods of contraception, but there will still be various accidental pregnancy. In abortion, the risk of abortion in some high-risk situations is also greater. The scene of pulling a citizen back from the death line two years ago made me unforgettable. "Wei Lizhi said.


In 2017, a 40-year-old woman came to the hospital for abortion surgery. "In the preliminary examination and medical history inquiry, I learned that this woman has undergone 2 cesarean sections and has experienced many abortion operations. It was found during the inspection The gestational sac is located near the incision in the lower part of the uterus, and the risk of surgery is greater, "said Wei Lizhi. After fully communicating with the patients and their families, in order to reduce the risk of surgery, Wei Lizhi led the medical staff to develop a surgical plan for the patient and prepared a series of solutions to problems that may occur such as major bleeding. "During the operation, the patient suffered a major hemorrhage and the blood flow was infused. The patient's vital signs changed very quickly. As she was fully prepared in the early stage and also received the active cooperation of her family, we immediately performed blood transfusion and hemostasis treatment for her. After the operation was successfully completed, the patient sent a pennant with her family after she was discharged from the hospital, thanking us for saving her life. "Wei Lizhi said.


As a front-line gynecologist, Wei Lizhi used her words and deeds to fulfill her vow when she joined the company, and used her medical technology and warm service to show her original intention as a medical staff. "I am willing to use my whole life to get more health of the citizens, and I will continue to dedicate and serve everyone."

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